Legal database - HIV and law in Africa



This database contains documents that are of particular assistance to judges when they are confronted with specific types of HIV-related cases. To that end, the database includes the following categories of documents, based on the types of materials judges find most useful in their decision-making:

  1. Judicial decisions from around the world with priority from the following jurisdictions:Africa & other countries including India, the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, the European Court of Human Rights, etc. Majority of the judicial decision and case law has been taken from a large number of African jurisdiction.
  2. Relevant legislation.
  3. Secondary legal materials, sociological and other studies, reference material and publications, including HIV stigma and discrimination evidence, evidence with respect to the impact of men having sex with men on the HIV epidemic, and legal articles on the nature of customary law.
  4. Regional guidance and relevant treaties, including resolutions and decisions from the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights and the African Court on Human and People’s Rights
  5. International guidance and relevant treaties, including decisions and general comments by international bodies, such as the Human Rights Committee
  6. Scientific, medical and epidemiological information and evidence on HIV prevention, treatment and care, including guidance from the international health agencies such as the World Health Organisation.
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