E-discussion: Building the future we want with science, technology and innovation (STI) and culture: 18 February - 19 March 2013


Building the future we want with science, technology and innovation (STI) and culture

Photos: (left) Beninese Afropoprock musician Sessime’s ' career took off after she got the chance to have her CD marketed through the ground-breaking IFCD-sponsored Promixus Rezo project. Photo by Gomez Bruno; (right) UNDP Photo Database.

Phase I (18 Feb - 04 March) moderated by Lidia Brito (UNESCO) and Selim Jahan (UNDP) with the assistance from Ernesto Fernandez Polcuch (UNESCO),  will concentrate on a critical role of STI in tackling global development challenges. Phase II (05 March – 19 March) moderated by Guiomar Alonso Cano (UNESCO) and Sara Ferrer (MDG-Fund at UNDP) with the assistance of Giovanni Boccardi, World Heritage Center (UNESCO), will focus on culture as a driver and an enabler for sustainable development and achieving the MDGs.

Participants might comment, in English, French and Spanish, on any of the discussion threads posted. The facilitators will summarize key points from the e-discussion and keep a log of policy ideas put forth by the participants. Click here for Moderators’ bios.

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Infographic Phase I & II : What topics were discussed most

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